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Wed Alpha 5:30pm Holy Eucharist/Dinner/Discussion:

"What About The Church?"

Places are important because of the memories we have of the people who have shared them with us. I can never enter the 'olde family pew' without remembering the folks who shared it with us and those who sat around us. It is impossible to enter the sacristy of that parish without seeing a very friendly face, even though Mattie has been gone for many years now. Many of us have felt the tug of a particular place where we have been touched by others and by the presence of the Lord. This week we will examine such a place.

Next Sunday: The Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost

9:30 am Adult Sunday School; Choir Practice
10:30 am Holy Eucharist & Younger Children's Sunday School; Fellowship Hour

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Birthdays: 22nd Bil Taylor & Doug Warren; 23rd Pauline Hattenback; 26th Chip Perryman

October 28th Bishop's Visit & Confirmation

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